Forum Thread: My Bosch Fan Oven Has Stopped Heating.

My Bosch Fan Oven Has Stopped Heating. I Have Removed the Damaged Element but Now Have No Electrics to Fan Oven. Top Oven and Clock Ok So Power There Somewhere

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please please , does anyone know how to replace thermal fuse with cut out kit for flavel oven ??

hiya! had a bosch oven for a couple of years and then it broke down beyond repair. also had smth to do with the fan and its motor and the hinges broke as well so i couldn't even close the door properly. i switched to verona vefsee365ss . it's worth every cent - italian manufacturer, feel like a pro every time i cook. :)

hello stella! yup, definitely looks like one of those chef ovens. elegant, love the cooktop. a bit pricey though but hey, some things are priceless.


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