How To: Avoid detergent residue on your high efficiency washer

Avoid detergent residue on your high efficiency washer

How to Avoid detergent residue on your high efficiency washer

If you are finding white or colored marks on your clothes, it's more than likely going to be detergent residue. These unsightly stains can ruin your clothes and be a sign that something is wrong with your washer or with what you are using.

In this tutorial, you'll find out how to avoid having detergent residue on your clothing. It's easy to follow and will make your clothes residue free.


Tried all the suggestions about riding my dark clothes of the white residue but none worked. Must be the washer as see that over 800 hits have been made on this site for the same problem! Manufacture (Whirlpool) doesn't seem to care that we are experiencing this situation or come up with a "real" solution - neither does Sears.

dilute your detergent with hot water. For example, if you use 3 ounces of detergent, add 6 ounces of hot water and 3 ounces of detergent in a container and stir until dissolved completely. Add this to your wash instead of straight detergent.

PS - Only use liquid detergent in HE washers

I never use dry detergent, but still had residue.

Bought an expensive top loader and have to run an extra rinse cycle to avoid the residue on my black uniforms...Plus I now use only those TIDE liquid "capsules" Easy, no fuss and my boys can't every put in too much detergent! Little diasappointed about having to run the extra rinse-the repair guy says it's that or they have to add some electonic component (?) Other than that I love my Samsung.

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