How To: Balance and Repair a Ceiling Fan

Balance and Repair a Ceiling Fan

A wobbly ceiling fan can be annoying and even potentially dangerous. Follow Brent Holland as he shows you the step-by-step process to repairing and balancing your ceiling fan.

Step 1 Clean fan of all dirt and debris.

Step 2 Make sure all hardware is tightly fastened.

Over time the screws can loosen from the movement of the fan.

Step 3 Locate balancing kit.

This kit should come with your fan or you can purchase one.

Step 4 Place temporary weight on fan.

You want to first place the weight near the center of the blade that you think will be the problem.

Step 5 Turn fan on to see if the weight is balancing the fan.

Step 6 Move weight around until you find the right balancing point.

Step 7 Once you find the right balancing point, apply the permanent weight.

Step 8 Place the permanent weight in the middle of the blade, where the temporary weight was.

Step 9 Remove temporary weight.

Step 10 Watch as your fan is balanced. No wobble!

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