How To: Choose the best burglar alarm system

Choose the best burglar alarm system

Looking to up the ante in the home secuirty department? If you are concerned about the safety of your family and home, consider purchasing a burglar alarm system by following these helpful tips.

You Will Need:
• A list of certified and licensed home alarm companies
• Referrals

Step 1: Get bids
Choose two or three companies from your list who have good customer referrals and get bids.

Step 2: Consider type
Decide on the type of alarm system you want. Systems can detect motion, temperature changes, and glass breakage, and can alert a monitoring station and neighbors. Choose one with back-up power in case the electricity is cut off.

Step 3: Schedule home inspections
Schedule a home inspection and an interview with each company.

Step 4: Consider your budget
Decide how much money you want to spend.

Step 5: Memorize key code
After your system is installed, memorize your key code so you do not set off the alarm.

Trivia: In 2007, burglaries in the U.S. cost victims about $4.3 billion in lost property.

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