How To: Clean the condensate drains on your air conditioner

Clean the condensate drains on your air conditioner

Check out this instructional home repair video that shows you a very simple way to clean the condensate drain on your air conditioner. If you follow these simple steps, it could save some money, not to mention the grief. If you have an A/C and have ever experienced a backed up condensate drain, you know what I mean. Avoid this inconvenience by watching this air conditioning tutorial video.

Note: Be sure to use a vacuum cleaner that specifies that it's a wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

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Thanks for that video. Very informative. I recently had a new pump installed to pump the condensate out into the yard. I noticed that he did not install a trap in the 3/4" condensate PVC drain. Is the trap necessary? If so it looks like no problem to put one in.

Thanks again. I don't have a video to show you but I could send some pictures if that would help.

Bill Kynoch

Thank you so much , it saved me a lot of money. The wet dry vac worked like a charm and I will be doing that every 6 months as you advised . I am learning how to do things on my on and this web site has been great . Thank you again . Schery in Texas

Hey, thanks for sharing your expertise. As a DIY'er I appreciate all the help I can get.

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