How To: Clean a furnace filter

Clean a furnace filter

One of the biggest and most important appliances in a home is the furnace. It's the one source of heat that can't be unkept. Changing the filters, or cleaning the filters, on a regular basis is key to making sure your furnace is pumping out the heat properly. Keep your furnace working as efficiently as possible by following these simple steps.

You Will Need
* Furnace
* Screwdriver
* Dirty filter
* Hose

Step 1: Turn off the furnace
Turn off the power to the furnace.

Step 2: Locate the filter
Locate the filter. It may be behind a door and you may need to unscrew a panel.

Step 3: Remove the filter
Remove the old, dirty filter. Furnace filters simply slide in and out of their housings.

Step 4: Wash the filter
Wash the filter with a hose until the water going through the filter comes out clear. Then let the filter dry completely.

If the filter has a cardboard frame it shouldn't be washed and should be replaced.

Step 5: Reinsert the filter
Put the filter back into the furnace, turn on the power to the furnace, and breathe easy.

Furnace filters are rated from one to 20 on the industry standard MERV scale. The higher the number, the higher the quality.

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