How To: Convert an old fridge into a meat smoker/cooker

Convert an old fridge into a meat smoker/cooker

Have an old fridge (or, like the creator of this video, easy access to a scrap metal yard)? Convert it into a meat smoker! This DIY guide will teach you how to repurpose a disused refrigerator for smoking meat. For complete, step-by-step instructions on how to make your own cooker from an old metal-body fridge or freezer, watch this free video tutorial.

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ok , I got real excited..this is the same ref. that i have.
i have more questions than answers...

let start with the first set. how do you cut into the refrig without damaging the interior? and I also would like to keep my heating element/smoke in the lower area where the compressor was so i can add wood as needed during the procees and not open the main door.

I like to slow smoke @ about 165 for the first few hours then gradually increase the heat to finish cooking. how did they keepthe pvc pipe in place. seems like that is a good idea for the chimmey. last one if i cut the bottom out to have the heat get through the bottom would i need air intakes on the sides


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