How To: Identify the model number and ID tag on fridge freezer

Identify the model number and ID tag on fridge freezer

Check out this instructional home repair video to learn how to identify and find your manufacturer's label and model number on your refrigerators and freezers. The model number is usually essential. People make the mistake of assuming that the name and number on the front panel is all you need. Many fridge and freezer manufacturers use the model number as well as the serial number. Most have the ID plate inside of the door by the salad bowl, while some hide it behind the kick plate at the base. Be careful if removing the front kick plate because they can easily break.

If you still can't find it, check behind the machine. Other than that you would need to check the sides and back of the machine. Also on many freezers, they put it by the compressor.

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A bit off topic but to find serial/model number on a stove (it's a kitchen appliance): look inside bottom storage drawer.

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