How To: Line a tray bake tin

Line a tray bake tin

Follow along as Sue McMahon, Cookery Editor for Women's Weekly, shows us how to line a tray bake tin.

What you will need:
-1 tray bake tin (11x7in)
-Baking parchment

What to do:
-Start by turning the baking tin upside down, and cut the parchment so that it is just longer than the tin.
-Fold one side lengthwise, then lay it on top of the tin and fold the other side.
-Cut the excess, so the folded sides are exactly the same on each side.
-For the sides that have not been folded, go ahead and fold both now.
-Make cuts along the folds so that it will fit perfectly in the tin.

If you follow these step by step instructions you will be able to line a tray bake tin in no time.

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