How To: Make a light bulb oil lamp

Make a light bulb oil lamp

This video illustrate us how to make a light bulb oil lamp. Here are the following steps;

Step 1: Take all the things required that is bulb, socks,adhesive tape,scissors,kerosene, rim with a hole in the center.

Step 2:Now remove the back plug of the bulb carefully so that the bulb doesn't breaks up.

Step 3: Add organic solvent to it and shake well so that the bulb is crystal clear.

Step 4: Now place glue on the rim and secure this rim to the bulge on the bulb.

Step 5: Now tie a tape around the corner of the bulb and cut down the extra portion and through the open end pour some kerosene in the bulb.

step 6: Now insert the cloth strip from the socks and insert it in the bulb taking care to leave a portion outside as well, secure the bulb with cork and here you are ready to lit your lamp.

Thats it

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This helped me out alot on thing to do for my friends for Birthdays Christmas or when ever thank you so very much

outstanding tutorial!!!! complete from start to finish, thank you for sharing!

One the double bulbs how do u mont the two bulbs to the base

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