How To: Mend Wall Holes Bigger Than Nails

Mend Wall Holes Bigger Than Nails

How to Mend Wall Holes Bigger Than Nails

How to Mend Wall Holes Bigger Than NailsHow to Mend Wall Holes Bigger Than Nails

How to Mend Wall Holes Bigger Than NailsHow to Mend Wall Holes Bigger Than NailsHow to Mend Wall Holes Bigger Than NailsDo you know how wonderful toothpaste is?  Here's the scoop.  If you've hung pictures or other thing on the wall that required a molly or anchor bolt, and you have to move them and you have holes exposed in your wall. Well "FEAR NOT", toothpaste to the rescue. You will need household items like - toilet paper, or paper towel, or paper napkin, or Kleenex tissue, a utility knife, hammer putty knife, sponge, primer/sealer, paint of your choice and of course the toothpaste.

Step 1 Tap the molly deeper in wall to sink it, then overlap with a piece of tissue.

Step 2 Sink tissue in hole  and fill with toothpaste until the hole is overflowing.

Step 3 Let it dry complete, and sand smooth even with the wall with sand paper.  

Step 4 Apply a Primer/Sealer before paint.

Quick Fixes For Walls.


There is no need for the tissue if hold is small. Just use the toothpaste, smooth even with the  wall.

  • You can wipe and clean the surface with a damp (not wet) sponge and water.
  • You can also use scraper or single edge razor blade.
  • Use a 1 inch or 2 inch Putty Knife or something with a straight edge to spread the toothpaste in other small holes.
  • Make sure whichever type of tissue you use is at least big enough to overlap the hole (about 1/2 inch all the way around). 
  • Try not to tear the tissue when you indent it in the hole. Two ply works best.


  • Make sure to tap sink molly or screw in the wall with a hammer just enough to make a dimple. 
  • Remove some of the drywall from around the anchor bolt if it does not sink when tapped. 
  • You may have to push the molly in the wall, or can pull it out. Then you must fill the hole. 
  • Pack the hole with some wet paper towel,  then spread toothpaste on the top of it, and repeat the process above. 
  • If the molly is plastic, cut it down to the drywall and tap it with the hammer to sink it.  
  • Use white toothpaste, or one that dry's white (no color or gel).
  • Do not play with the hole once to put in the  tissue, because it will tear and not fill properly.
  • Do not scraper hard, blade may damage the wall (be gentle).
  • Keep sharp items away from children and some adults.

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