How To: Move a heavy appliance without injuring yourself

Move a heavy appliance without injuring yourself

Learn to move a heavy appliance without injuring yourself:

When you move a heavy appliance at your home, you really have to be careful. Not only can you hurt yourself, you hurt the appliance and even the floor.

•Hand truck is the thing used to move the heavy appliances. But the problem is often the hand truck may scratch the appliance.
•To avoid this, you need to put a pipe or dense foam rubber insulation around the rails on either sides of the hand truck and wrap it tightly with duct tape.
•Even though the hand truck has rubber tire round its rails, you still need to protect the floor when you roll the appliance on to the hand truck. For this, you need to use a cardboard on the floor.
•Just lift the drier/appliance slightly and push the cardboard under the drier which is already disconnected from power supply.
•Now, pull the drier to the front. You need to put another cardboard on the floor to protect the drier while going out door.
•Now slightly tilt it and it becomes easy to lift it on to the hand truck.
•Finally, you can easily move the drier to the desired corner in your house.

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