How To: Properly sharpen the blade of a knife

Properly sharpen the blade of a knife

In this Home & Garden video tutorial you will learn how to properly sharpen the blade of a knife. You will need a sharpening stone with two sides; coarse and smooth. You will use the coarse side if the knife has dents. You can use any oil, but Rem oil is the best for this. Spread the oil on the sharpening stone. Hold the knife so that the blade is flat and parallel to the surface of the stone. With the blade facing away from your body, start from the near end of the stone and as you move forward along the stone, you also move to the right and as you reach the curved part of the blade you lift your hand up so that the entire length of the blade is sharpened. Then flip the knife over and do the same on the other side moving towards your body. Apply equal number of strokes on each side till the blade is sharp.

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