How To: Remove an Oven/Cooker Door

Remove an Oven/Cooker Door

When cleaning your oven, you'll want to take your oven door off its hinges first to give you more room to maneuver. Plus, take the door off makes it easier to clean the door itself, especially the glass areas. The following video from Nathan Cox talks about how easy it is to remove an oven door off, and it's very similar from brand to brand.

To see that in more detail, check out how2repair's video below, which is a simple, handy guide to removing and fitting an oven/cooker door.

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How do you remove INNER GLASS on beco 3 year old cooker. Not the door but inner glass door?

I too, would like to know how to remove glass to clean the inner glass to my Ariston Oven Door?

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