How To: Replace the fan oven element in a Belling cooker

Replace the fan oven element in a Belling cooker

Is your Belling cooker on the blink? Fix it with this home appliance repair tutorial, which demonstrates how to remove, and change, a Belling fan oven element in a typical Belling cooker. For more, including detailed, step-by-step instructions on the repair process, take a look.

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i have a belling oven which keeps on tripping my electricty meter..i was told it was the oven element so i changed it for a new one..alas it still trips the electricty meter..any one help me i dont know what else i can try..

do i have to by a new oven..??

This happened to me, except i was grilling bacon, it tripped the electrics and now its not working. Luckily the rest of the cooker is, i'm not sure how to fix a grill, is it expensive to fix or am i better getting a new cooker ? Its only about 5 years old.

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