News: Grow a Treehouse From Plants and Meat

Grow a Treehouse From Plants and Meat

How would you like to live like Tarzan, except in a sustainable, organic treehouse?  Check out TED Fellow and urban designer Mitchell Joachim and his plan for homes of the future.  Read the full article here

Mitchell Joachim is co-founder of Terreform One in Brooklyn, New York is a collective of architects and scientists that collaborate on projects ranging from the "doorknob to democracy." 

Fab Tree Hab

Building off the ancient technique of pleaching (grafting trees together to form homes), Terreform One applied technology using "computation to pre-determine the growth of trees into very specific shapes using scaffolding printed from CNC or printed from computers, to shape that geometry and make plants behave in structural fashions that they would not normally behave in.".  

Grow a Treehouse From Plants and Meat

Meat House

Using tissue engineering from regenerative medicine, Joachim and his team is able to control the geometry of the tissue and grow it into a variety of shapes.  To do this, "the house is soaked in nitrates and sulfates which basically turns it into beef jerky and preserves it with a shelf life of 100 years."  Joachim also notes that no sentient creature is harmed.

Grow a Treehouse From Plants and Meat


Terreform ONE projects

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Interesting... I saw something like this in American Scientific about a year ago.

Do it, we neef it

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